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H. D. Smith is the nation’s largest independent pharmaceutical wholesaler and the preferred wholesaler of Southern Pharmacy Cooperative.

H. D. Smith is a family owned company that has been putting independent pharmacies first for more than 60 years. As an independent wholesaler, H. D. Smith shares a strategic alignment with the independent pharmacy owners of SPC.

H. D. Smith’s national distribution network means it is large enough to meet the needs of SPC members today, and to grow with SPC in the future. SPC has always had an independent wholesaler, and H. D. Smith’s independence means it has the flexibility to provide the personalized attention SPC pharmacies deserve.

H. D. Smith provides SPC with unmatched transparency and benefits through the following:

  •  Creation of a flagship buying group through which H. D. Smith strengthens SPC’s current position while helping the cooperative grow its membership.
  • An industry-first generics program built on transparency in price, ensuring SPC members will be competitive on generics pricing, every day of the partnership.
  • Dedicated sales support, focused on improving SPC members’ net profit through proven strategies, helping SPC members become stronger performing stores and ensuring new stores
    add value to the overall network.

H. D. Smith’s mission is to be the preferred, customer-focused, national supplier of health care products and business solutions, improving the quality, safety and cost of patient care while maintaining the highest level of honesty and integrity.

Since 1954, H. D. Smith has built a reputation for excellence in healthcare product distribution. Founded with a culture that still resonates throughout the organization today, H. D. Smith does what’s right and provides customers an extraordinary experience.

Alongside the company’s core business of drug distribution, H. D. Smith offers several services to help pharmacies operate a more efficient and profitable business, improve patient-based quality outcomes, and maximize margin opportunities. These include Smith Medical Partners, H. D. Smith’s specialty distribution company, and Arete Pharmacy Network, its PSAO.

H. D. Smith also has a variety of tools to help pharmacies better understand their business, operate with more profits and provide care for better outcomes.

H. D. Smith understands each pharmacy has different needs and concerns, and adjusts offerings accordingly to guide each pharmacy to solutions that will drive greater efficiencies and profitability.

H. D. Smith By The Numbers

  • 8 Distribution Centers
  • Partner with 1 in 6 community pharmacies in the U.S.
  • 41,600 SKUs
  • 3,700 Next-Day Delivery Locations
  • Top 10 purchaser of generics
  • More than 8,600 items on H. D. Smith’s preferred generics formulary, PharmaGen
  • 1.3 million invoice lines shipped per month

To learn more, visit hdsmith.com.