Morris & Dickson is not just a company that delivers pharmaceuticals; it is a company that consistently puts the customer first.

The essence of Morris & Dickson lies squarely in creating customer relationships going well beyond convention expectations. The goal is to create an experience that customers view as unique among all vendor relationships, and indispensable to healthcare delivery. Morris & Dickson encourages its customers to challenge them and in doing so they pledge to find new and innovative ways to meet your needs.

Morris & Dickson is a leading pharmaceutical distribution company founded in 1841. Morris & Dickson provides services to healthcare systems and pharmacies and ranks as one of the top four pharmaceutical wholesalers in the country.

The advances automation and function driven layout of Morris & Dickson’s distribution center creates efficiency and extraordinary accuracy. Every item is tracked real time and you, the     customer, can know whose hands it passed through, where it was sorted, when it was picked and who it was delivered to.

During the worst hurricane disasters, Morris & Dickson responded admirably to meet the demanding of the stricken areas. Morris & Dickson delivered critical product days before other wholesalers were delivering medical supplies to pharmacies and hospitals. This privately held pharmaceutical distributor proved to be an indispensable vendor to the Gulf Coast communities, in times where local, state, and federal governments were in dire need of support.

Morris & Dickson credits diligent preparation, thorough communication, and steadfast commitment to the communities it serves, as the qualities most critical to its overall response.

  • M&D employees can process 30,000 lines per hour and its shipping department can process 7,800 boxes each hour.
  • Total boxes sent each year? Over 5 million boxes are delivered each year or approximately 18 thousand boxes every day.
  • Put together, M&D trucks travel a total of 3.837 million Line Haul miles per year and 10.595 million Delivery miles per year.
  • All of this uses over 1.3 million gallons of fuel per year; that’s 11.1 mpg.
  • 1 back up diesel generator keeps the warehouse moving during power outages
  • M&D currently hold 29,750 items.  23,002 or 77% of these are automated.
  • M&D has 1 error per 100,000 pieces shipped.