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Third Party

Southern Pharmacy Cooperative knows that PBM contracts are critical to most pharmacies.  You don’t like them, but you accept third party contracts in order to care for you patients.  Every year, the contracts are more cumbersome, reimbursements are smaller, audits are more pervasive and barriers increase for these contracts.  It's next to impossible for an independent pharmacy owner to manage this alone.

To assist you, SPC provides third party contracting services to our members.  And because our members have different needs, we offer choices.  SPC has partnered with three Pharmacy Services Administrative Organizations (PSAO) to provide our members with free, or substantially discounted, third party contracting services.

Each of our partner PSAOs offers a full suite of auxiliary services at affordable fees, including but not limited to:

  • Claims Reconciliation
  • Claims Chase and Recovery
  • MAC appeals
  • $4 Generics Programs
  • Cash Discount Card
  • Audit Protection