We Care

WE CARE PHARMACY provides Morris & Dickson's network of independent pharmacies access to special pricing, programs and services that will enhance store profitability and competitiveness.

The We Care Resource Center allows M&D customers to quickly browse manufacturer announcements, promotions and other information important to retail pharmacy. For example, We Care members receive automatic off-invoice savings for numerous manufacturer promotions throughout the year.  Listings of current OTC and Rx promotional items and discounts are available on the website.  New generics and anticipated future generics are listed in our Generic Source Program.  We continue to update and improve this resource based on the requests of our valued retail pharmacy customers. If you need help finding something or would like to see other types of information in this site, please contact M&D Customer Service at 1-800-388-3833.

WE CARE PHARMACY provides independent pharmacies with a national branding opportunity similar to those offered by corporate wholesalers.  The major difference is that Morris & Dickson understands that an independently-owned pharmacy should not be forced to operate under the constraints that those corporate wholesalers impose on their networks.  While branding can be beneficial in creating an identity, WE CARE PHARMACY and Morris & Dickson realize that your pharmacy’s identity is, and should remain, unique to your store.