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POS System

PioneerRx pharmacy software's touchscreen Point of Sale (POS) is completely integrated and is available from any workstation.  An integrated POS is critical in order to maximize profits and improve customer service through direct access to pricing and patient prescription information.

Shelf Sticker Prices

In order to maximize profits, retail items should be sold at a price that is in proportion to their cost and the current market.  If your cost goes up, the price needs to go up.  Your cost to sell the item is the cost to put a replacement on the shelf (replacement cost).  This is very difficult to do if you are pricing with stickers on each individual item.  PioneerRx seamlessly supports shelf sticker pricing with barcode product recognition.  This allows you to price the shelf instead of the item.  The POS recognizes the item from the barcode and prices it correctly.  When costs rise or you decide to change the margin, the system supports easily telling you which shelf stickers need to be reprinted.

Make more money by being able to easily update and manage retail pricing in your pharmacy.

Pricing and Payment Accuracy

PioneerRx automatically enters price and payment amounts for retail and prescription items.  With a manual or non-integrated POS, customers will tell you when you have accidentally overcharged them but often will not tell you when you under charge them.

Make more money by improving the accuracy of information entered in the POS.

Theft Prevention

PioneerRx helps reduce theft through auditing and logging price changes.

Make more money by detecting and preventing theft.

Customer Service

PioneerRx knows which prescriptions a customer and others at the customer's address have in the current queue in the pharmacy.  This keeps a customer from leaving with a missed prescription that was in the refrigerator or still in progress.

Make more money by retaining customers through better customer service.

These are just a few features which make a having an integrated Point of Sale critical to successful pharmacy software.

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