LTC Software

PioneerACMS delivers a complementary and integrated array of administrative and technology services for today’s alternate-care facilities, making it easier than ever to manage, document and review physician orders while providing peace-of-mind checks and balances. These processes can be accessed from any remote location during patient rounds, P&T, or staff meetings, using any desktop, laptop or tablet PC running the Windows operating system.

A menu of services allows you to manage employees with the ability to assign them to room categories, to track administration exceptions per employee. Receive Physician Orders electronically and print them monthly for signature. Easily lookup Diagnosis codes and illustrated medication information with printable patient education.

Real-time information at your fingertips keeps you up-to-date on changed, discontinued, and new orders. PioneerACMS reduces errors by providing alerts and cautions for overdue doses, early dosing, drug allergies, interactions, and duplicate therapies. It produces a clear audit trail of order modifications, and it eliminates the need to double-check orders every day.

PioneerACMS’ eMAR (electronic medication administration record) retains the “look and feel” of traditional printed MARs while reducing redundancy and errors, practically eliminating paper-waste. With eMAR, you can access all patient MARs, limit your view to your patients only or view patients in a particular unit. This process allows you to easily see future-scheduled doses and automatically update eMARs, while administering doses. It eliminates re-writing or waiting for a computer-generated MAR.

Dedication to value and service makes PioneerACMS the right choice for any alternate-care provider.