The Issues

DIR Fees Hurt Everyone...Well Almost Everyone.

If someone didn't benefit from DIR fees then there would be no point to having them. The obvious answer are the PBMs who administer these plans.  But to hear their spokespeople tell it, those DIR fees are one of the ways the help keep prices lower for beneficiaries.

I've often heard that if you say it enough, people will start to believe it.  And the people did believe it, until the people hit the do-nut hole faster and their premiums went up and their local pharmacy was forced to close.  Now those people are ready to complain/voice concerns to someone other than their local pharmacist.  Now the news media is beginning to investigate and elected officials are asking questions.

Now is the time for you to take action.  Don't wait for the pharmacy owner in the neighboring town to do it.  It needs to be you and your patients need to understand why their medication costs continue to raise and who has really benefited at their expense (and yours.)

We know how hard it is to explain all of this to patients and lawmakers.  But somehow, NCPA managed to get the point across in a one-page info-graphic.  Click here to download.  Make copies  for your US Senators, Congressman, patients, advocacy groups for seniors....