Mississippi Update 4/04/2017

A plethora of bills, that would have directly or indirectly impacted pharmacy, died in committee.  Many of these were amendments to existing acts.  A couple of the bills left us scratching our heads.  Failure on attempts to have pharmacists reimbursed for services and for partial day-supply resulting from medication-synching, were unfortunate.  However, we are hopeful that these items will be revisited in the 2018 legislature.

Here are the bills that will become law, having been signed by Governor Phil Bryant.

HB 996 Opioid antagonists; authorize standing orders to pharmacies to dispense to persons without individual prescriptions.

HB 1032 Prescription Monitoring Program; require all health care providers authorized to prescribe drugs to register with.

HB 2610 Cannabidiol; clarify use in research of seizures and other medical conditions.