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About Us

Southern Pharmacy Cooperative (SPC) is a member-owned and member-directed buying group for independently-owned pharmacies.  With members in eight states, SPC’s primary objective is to facilitate a purchasing relationship with a drug wholesaler that will save your pharmacy the maximum amount of money.   It starts with helping you improve your bottom line and increase cash flow, but we do so much more than that.   SPC knows that you need creative solutions and partners that understand your unique needs.  If that sounds like what you’ve been looking for, then keep reading.

Our History

The Southern Pharmacy Cooperative was formed in 2005 by several independent pharmacy owners who wanted a pharmacy-owned and run cooperative. Tired of feeling that they were merely putting money in the pockets of buying groups and wholesalers and receiving little to nothing in return, they created the Southern Pharmacy Cooperative.

Their primary goal was to find a regional, independent wholesaler that understood the unique needs of an independent pharmacy. This meant finding a wholesale partner that did NOT service mail order facilities or retail chain pharmacies. It also meant finding a partner that was not preparing itself for sale to the highest bidder, which had been the case with many regional wholesalers in recent years.

The Right Wholesaler

SPC found that wholesale partner in H. D. Smith, an independent, full-line pharmaceutical distributor with national reach. H. D. Smith is equipped to serve SPC’s current membership and is well positioned to help SPC grow its membership in the future.

Third Party Assistance

With third party payers and contracts critical to the success of an independent pharmacy, it was important to offer these services without tying the hands of pharmacies. Too many independents still wear the scars suffered when trying to move from the “free” third party service they received from their large, national wholesaler. To this end, SPC forged a relationship with PSAOs, which did not base fees on purchase volume, to assist in contracts and reconciliation for retail pharmacies. SPC also works to insure that you have the right fit for your particular pharmacy.

Strong Vendor Relationships

SPC actively seeks relationships that will be of benefit to your business. We’re proud to be aligned with numerous partners in the pharmaceutical and business community. Vendors are approved by the SPC board of directors and remain under review to ensure that they provide SPC member pharmacies with the highest level of service and support. Programs and contracts selected to be SPC preferred vendors offer unique and cost-saving benefits designed for independent pharmacy owners.